We are very experienced team of enthusiasts and specialists in global digital marketing coming from all over the world, who constantly expand their knowledge and qualifications. We want your business to succeed and gain higher visibility on the major search engines, with the primary Focus on Google. To accomplish this we have the key ingredients, from state-of-the-art software to a knowledgeable SEO and SEM experts who is dedicated to your campaign.

Our specialists gained their experience in their past while working with variety of projects. Due to the confidentiality agreement, I am not able to quote the brand names for which we have carried the projects out. Nevertheless, to present the scale and size of projects, I present the number of projects with a brief description of the size and industry in which we gained our experience so far:

    • 1 Fastest growing marketplace for digital products,
    • 4 Huge E-commerce marketplaces,
    • 1 Online payment gateway provider,
    • 7 World leading car companies,
    • 3 International cosmetic corporations,
    • 1 World leading producer of photographic and optical equipment,
    • 3 World leading chain of stores with building materials,
    • 2 An international food companies that mainly produces dairy products,
    • 2 The most recognizable operators of a mobile phone network on the Polish market,
    • 2 World leading enterprise dealing in the production of household goods,
    • 1 Manufacturer of coffee machines,
    • 2 Universal banks in Poland,
    • 2 Popular manufacturer of leather shoes, popular manufacturer of sports clothing,
    • 1 Manufacturer of portable devices,
    • And many, more minor projects…

Thanks to the experience gained while working with the projects for the largest brands around the world, we are able to provide services at the highest level of expertise, detail and quality.