Content marketing – a strategy of acquiring potential clients by publishing attractive and useful content that will interest a well-defined audience. Content marketing, unlike traditional forms of marketing, based on a one-way advertising message, is based on building long-term relationships with the recipient through the interaction and involvement of both parties. Our specialists will create for you a comprehensive content strategy that will allow you to stand out from the competition. Let us take care of your customers needs and thus open your way to drive the highest quality leads possible.

Process and methodology

The following list presents the chronological scheme and methodology of our actions in the field of Content Marketing activities. Each cooperation starts with the creation of a free preparation document.

   Preparation – Free Service

  • Initial analysis of the site situation – Before starting any activities, we undertake a preliminary assessment of the current situation of the site from the Content Marketing perspective.
  • Initial strategy – Preparation of an initial strategy of activities based on the conducted analysis of the website.
  • Valuation – Preparing the valuation offer for specific website and number of hours foreseen for the project service.


We approach each site’s pricing individually. Below model of settlement is proposed for settling the Content Marketing activities.The subscription fee in this settlement model will depend on the aim and scope of activities carried out. Therefore, it can be presented after providing exact website addresses and preparing the initial strategy. Total cost will include the budget for publishing articles, creating content and graphics. The final cost can be provided after the valuation process.

   Subscription (permanent subscription) – a convenient form of settlement, ensuring the absence of any additional fees. In addition, we do not sign a multi-month contract in the subscription model. You pay just for each month.