Paid media refers to external marketing efforts that involve a paid placement. Paid media is an essential component of revenue growth and brand awareness for online businesses. One of the strengths of web marketing and social media is that it allows you to avoid the typical pitfalls of paid advertising by exposing different users to your brand in new, different and engaging ways. Paid media is one of the quickest ways to drive traffic. Paid promotions can help ensure your content – whether a promotion for a big sale, an update on a charity or cause, or an informative video aimed at establishing you as a thought leader – gets picked up, shared around and goes to the right influencers.

The following offer includes all possible marketing channels(including social media) appropriate for your business type. Our specialists will suggest to you what channels you should use to achieve the best results possible for your campaign. All this so that you do not have to wonder where you should put ads.

Process and methodology

The following list presents the chronological scheme and methodology of our actions in the field of paid media activities. Each cooperation starts with the creation of a free preparation document.

   Preparation – Free Service

  • Initial analysis – Website analysis for the selection of appropriate marketing channels.
    • Text ads – an ad on the Search and / or Display Network that appears when a user searches for a product or service that is displayed based on the search phrases.
    • Image ads – ads on the Display Network, including Gmail and YouTube, to reach users based on definitions of targeting methods such as: placements, demographics, interests.
    • Video Ads – Ads on the Display Network and on YouTube appearing before the movies, during, or in search results. Directed to relevant recipients by demographics or interests, (you must have an active Youtube channel).
    • Google Shopping – ads on the Search Network and the Display Network presenting specific products. Containing, among others: photos, descriptions, price and the name of the seller, (it is required to have a product file).
    • Dynamic remarketing – personalized ads that appear to users who have previously visited a website that includes specific products or services they viewed.
    • Remarketing – text or image ads targeted to users who have previously visited a website, displayed on the Search and Display Networks.
    • Facebook/Instagram Ads – sponsored advertisements (regardless of the fan page and posts) of websites, based on precise targeting to a specific group of users. Ads are displayed both on Facebook and Instagram (required to have an active facebook profile).
  • Keyword selection – A selection of keyword and phrase ideas based on data on the average monthly number of searches to determine the most important keywords.
  • Initial strategy – Preparation of marketing strategies based on specific business goals and possibilities.
  • Valuation – Determine the appropriate advertising budget to effectively reach the potential customer and number of hours foreseen for the project service.


  • Integration – Creation of appropriate advertising accounts and connection with Google Analytics to monitor the effectiveness of campaign activities.
  • Targeting – Choosing the right targeting settings to reach the right customers, including basic data such as demographic and geographic as well as advanced settings such as customer preferences and behavior.
  • Campaign creation – Creating campaigns and specific ad groups as well as edit advertising messages that best match user’s queries so that they increase relevancy of ads and generate valuable clicks.
  • Management – Management and optimization of individual campaigns in terms of the chosen marketing strategy based on constant monitoring and analysis of data on the effectiveness of individual channels and tools, including data and indicators from Google Analytics statistics and management panels for individual advertising accounts.

   Measuring results and reporting

  • Reporting – Detailed analysis of all elements of marketing activities in terms of achieving the objectives set presented in the detailed report.


Our settlement model is based on a flat monthly service fee plus a net percent of your monthly paid search spend. Our services are for accounts spending at least 1,000 EUR per month on AdWords. Total cost does not include the budget for preparing the marketing materials such as graphic creation and video materials.