SERM(Search Engine Reputation Management) – A set of activities aimed at improving the brand’s image in search engines. In the era of professional consumers who do not believe in marketing messages and seek their own sources of knowledge, the search engine is one of the most important and popular. That’s why you should be interested in whether your search engine reputation is positive and transparent. If your brand suffers from negative results appearing on phrases related to your brand, then we will be able to help you! Our offer is focused on the removal of negative results from Google first search page.

Process and methodology

The situation of each online business is different. The activities undertaken depend on many factors such as competition, industry, current situation, etc. Therefore, before determining any direction in this area, it is necessary to analyze the current situation of a given website. Each cooperation starts with the creation of a free preparation document.

   Preparation – Free Service

  • Initial analysis of the site situation – Before starting any activities, we undertake a preliminary assessment of the current situation of the site from the SERM perspective.
  • Initial strategy – Preparation of an initial strategy of activities based on the conducted analysis of the website.
  • Valuation – Preparing the valuation offer for specific website and number of hours foreseen for the project service.


We approach each site’s pricing individually. Below model of settlement is proposed for settling the SERM activities. The subscription fee in this settlement model will depend on complexity level, needed scope of activities to carried on and the competitiveness of negative results. Therefore, it can be presented after providing exact website addresses and preparing the initial strategy.  The final cost can be provided after the valuation process.

Subscription (permanent subscription) – Settlement in this model requires the conclusion of a contract for a specified period of time. Due to the fact that the effects of SERM activities are usually visible in the longer time perspective, a contract for a minimum period of 12 months is required in this settlement model.